Locating At-Risk Populations

Find At-Risk Populations ​for Action Today​

See data and mapping at the county, ZIP code, and census tract level for populations at risk of not having their basic needs met due to stay-at-home orders:

  • People 65+​
  • People 65+ Living Alone​
  • People 65+ Living Below Poverty Level​
  • Households with Children Receiving SNAP​
map of southern california with each county colored coded in terms of how the population is at risk

Find Vulnerable Communities​ for Future Action​

See each county’s risk for severe illness burden due to COVID-19 based on trends in reported COVID-19 cases and deaths, clinical risk factors, and social and economic determinants. Updated every day.

  • COVID-19 Vulnerability Index​
  • Health Equity Index TM
map of the USA with each county colored coded in terms of how vulnerable the population is

About us

This website is made available by Conduent Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) as a resource to assist with current and future COVID-19 response efforts. Conduent HCI specializes in providing social determinants of health data to organizations so that they can improve health in the populations they work with.

Statistical modeling used to calculate the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index is provided by Conduent Data and Analytic Innovations. Conduent’s Data & Analytics Innovations Lab delivers Data and Analytics as a Service [DaaS/AaaS] predictive solutions across all levels of the commercial healthcare ecosystem.​